How to Make Free International Calls

Do you find that you need to make calls abroad more and more frequently? Is your mobile or landline carrier restricting you in terms of the number of calls you can make overseas? Are you finding calling such numbers expensive? Maybe it’s time to look for a free package which can allow you to connect […]

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Do you find that you need to make calls abroad more and more frequently? Is your mobile or landline carrier restricting you in terms of the number of calls you can make overseas? Are you finding calling such numbers expensive? Maybe it’s time to look for a free package which can allow you to connect to friends and family outside of the UK without the exorbitant rates you’re used to.

Thankfully, help is at hand. Call Center offers a fantastic free international call service whereby you can connect with those who may be far away at a price and rate which you can feasibly afford. Why should you ever have to pay through the nose just to connect with the people you love based in different territories?

We believe that you should never have to pay over the odds just to speak to somebody based outside the UK. While some UK mobile networks and carriers are starting to really bring down the price of calling overseas, the fact remains that it is still more than you should expect to pay in total. Therefore, you should certainly take advantage of our free international calls service if you are finding that you need to get in touch with people based abroad regularly.

But how do you use our free international calls service? Take a quick look at our guide below, and as always, do get in touch with our team if you have any major concerns or queries!

Check With Your Mobile Carrier

To be able to make free international calls with Call Center, you will need to dial an 08 number. Therefore, you must make sure that your mobile network or landline carrier will allow you to call numbers with these prefixes within your allowances.

Otherwise, when you call our 08 number proxies, which will connect you to our international calling service, you will find that you still get charged by your mobile network or landline provider. Thankfully, it is now commonplace for mobile providers to offer inclusive 08 calling, or at least add-on packages which you can use to cover your conversations to particular lines and numbers.

Carriers such as EE and Vodafone will offer you 0845 and 097 add on packages which you can apply from month to month, meaning that you will always be able to keep track of the calls you make to 08 numbers and take full advantage of our international calling service.

It’s important to check this before you use our service as you might end up paying more than you expect – and no one wants to have to handle a surprise bill at a later point in time!

Choose Your Prefix

Call Center offers two different prefix numbers which will allow you to dial straight through to the international phone you want to connect to. Both, as mentioned, are based on 08 number prefixes, meaning that you will be able to dial them directly from your mobile or landline providing that your carrier offers you coverage.

There’s absolutely no need for any kind of PIN or connection via Wi-Fi, meaning that our service is one of the most efficient and easiest to use for international calling across the board. You won’t even need to register with us to get started.

Simply choose a prefix number and dial it as you normally might from your mobile or landline – then, you simply need to enter in the number you want to connect to after dialling this prefix code. Do make sure that you enter in the international prefix for the number you’d like to call, of course!

How is This Service Free of Charge?

It is free to call internationally through Call Center’s international free proxies as you are essentially calling an 0845 or 0870 line. However, as mentioned, calling an 0845 number is only going to be free as far as your own mobile network or landline provider will allow it to be!

Calling 0845 numbers isn’t necessarily going to be free from network to network. As mentioned, these numbers are now largely included in your calls and minutes if you are on a specific tariff or plan. However, if you’re not, or if you go over your minutes allocated, you are still going to run up fees.

Therefore, do still make sure to keep track of how many minutes you use when you call our international access numbers. This way, there will be no nasty surprises waiting for you when your bill rolls in at the end of the month! The same, of course, applies if you are on pay as you go – keep an eye on how long your calls last, and there will be no reason why you should be running short on money.

Is This the Best Way to Call Internationally?

Absolutely! While most phone networks will allow you to call overseas mobiles and landlines, they will normally offer you such a service at a premium rate, or you’d normally need to add a service or package on to be able to access such a privilege. Therefore, it makes sense to take as quick and as easy a route as possible, and in most cases, that means just dialling up a proxy.

Our free international calling service removes any kind of need for registration or subscription, and what’s more, it also means that you can simply punch in a couple of numbers and get through to who you need to speak to.

Do also keep in mind that Call Center services the vast majority of international territories! Whether you’re calling France or Finland, Greece, or Germany, we will make calling internationally cheaper and more manageable than ever for you.

In this day and age, keeping in touch is everything! Therefore, it makes sense to reach out for a call package or service which is going to make calling your loved ones or business contacts based abroad that little bit easier to budget for. If that means making things completely free of charge, then so be it! Take a look at our international call services now to learn more.

Here’s how to get started:

Simply call the international access number for the country you want to reach:

DestinationCountry CodeAccess Number
Algeria0021308700 477 477
Andorra003760845 222 6666
Argentina00540845 222 6666
Armenia Mobile0037408700 477 477
Aruba0029708700 477 477
Australia00610845 222 6666
Australia Mobile00610845 222 6666
Bangladesh008800845 222 6666
Barbados00124608700 477 477
Belgium 003208700 477 477
Bermuda0014410845 222 6666
Bermuda Mobile0014410845 222 6666
Bhutan0097508700 477 477
Bhutan Mobile0097508700 477 477
Brazil00550845 222 6666
Brazil Mobile00550845 222 6666
Brunei006730845 222 6666
Brunei Mobile006730845 222 6666
Bulgaria003590845 222 6666
Cambodia0085508700 477 477
Cambodia Mobile 0085508700 477 477
Canada0010845 222 6666
Canada Mobile0010845 222 6666
Channel lslands (UK)004408700 477 477
Chatham Islands0064308700 477 477
Chile00560845 222 6666
Chile Mobile005608700 477 477
Christmas Isles00610845 222 6666
Cocos Isles00610845 222 6666
Colombia00570845 222 6666
Colombia Mobile00570845 222 6666
Costa Rica005060845 222 6666
Costa Rica Mobile0050608700 477 477
Croatia003850845 222 6666
Croatia Mobile003850845 222 6666
Cyprus003570845 222 6666
Cyprus Mobile003570845 222 6666
Cyprus (North)00900845 222 6666
Czech Republic004200845 222 6666
Czech Republic Mobile00420 08700 477 477
Denmark 00450845 222 6666
Denmark Mobile00450845 222 6666
Dominican Republic0018090845 222 6666
Ecuador0059308700 477 477
Egypt002008700 477 477
Egypt Mobile002008700 477 477
Estonia003720845 222 6666
Faeroe Islands0029808700 477 477
Faeroe Islands Mobile0029808700 477 477
Finland003580845 222 6666
Finland Mobile 003580845 222 6666
France00330845 222 6666
France Mobile00330845 222 6666
French Guiana005940845 222 6666
Germany00490845 222 6666
Germany Mobile00490845 222 6666
Gibraltar003500845 222 6666
Greece00300845 222 6666
Greece Mobile00300845 222 6666
Greenland0029908700 477 477
Greenland Mobile0029908700 477 477
Guadeloupe005900845 222 6666
Guadeloupe Mobile0059008700 477 477
Guam0016710845 222 6666
Hawaii0010845 222 6666
Hong Kong008520845 222 6666
Hong Kong Mobile008520845 222 6666
Hungary003608700 477 477
Hungary Mobile 003608700 477 477
Iceland003540845 222 6666
Iceland Mobile00354 0845 222 6666
India00910845 222 6666
India Mobile00910845 222 6666
Indonesia00620845 222 6666
Indonesia Mobile00620845 222 6666
Ireland003530845 222 6666
Ireland Mobile003530845 222 6666
Israel009720845 222 6666
Israel Mobile009720845 222 6666
Italy00390845 222 6666
Italy Mobile00390845 222 6666
Japan00810845 222 6666
Japan Mobile00810845 222 6666
Kazakhstan00708700 477 477
Kenya Mobile Safaricom0025408700 477 477
Korea (South)00820845 222 6666
Korea (South) Mobile00820845 222 6666
Kuwait009650845 222 6666
Kuwait Mobile009650845 222 6666
Laos0085608700 477 477
Laos Mobile0085608700 477 477
Lebanon0096108700 477 477
Liechtenstein0042308700 477 477
Liechtenstein Mobile0042308700 477 477
Macau0085308700 477 477
Macau Mobile0085308700 477 477
Malaysia00600845 222 6666
Malaysia Mobile00600845 222 6666


Please note, should you not be subscribed to a phone service where calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are included, these calls to 0845 222 6666 will be charged at 5p/min at all times, and calls to 08700 477 477 will cost 12p/min. (plus your phone providers access charge).