Why It Makes Sense to Use an Overflow Call Answering Service

When you start growing your business, it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening from day to day. If you are a small operation that’s just started seeing a huge spike in growth, or if you feel you are taking on more customers than you can feasibly support, there’s no need to panic. […]

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When you start growing your business, it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening from day to day. If you are a small operation that’s just started seeing a huge spike in growth, or if you feel you are taking on more customers than you can feasibly support, there’s no need to panic. The worst thing you can do is to let business drift away. However, at the same time, you are going to need to keep running your business and to make sure you are keeping existing clients happy.

Ever seen a magician spin plates before? That’s what running a business can feel like, at least at the beginning. However, with practice, plate-spinning can get easier. What’s more, with the right help and support by your side, there are no reasons why you can’t manage your existing clientele and build new leads at the same time.

One of the best ways to do this is to consider asking for help with your call volumes. Some people set up full call centres. Others might have a small office set up to handle queries. However, one of the cheapest and easiest ways to handle queries is to set up an overflow call answering service.

What is Overflow Call Answering?

Overflow call answering is a service whereby you set up an off-site team to handle queries you don’t have the time to process. While you may be able to handle a certain number of calls or queries at any given time, if you are on the road or are busy in a project, then you should really think about setting up some form of backup solution.

Rather than set up a call centre team in your own building, an overflow call answering service will work for you through their own premises and hardware. This means that you can effectively ask them to hit the ground running without you having to manage them directly. What this also means is that you will always have someone there to answer calls for you. It means that there are no missed opportunities, and that if you do happen to miss a lead or two, you can easily contact the caller back when you are able to. Simple!

It’s Cost-Effective

There are many reasons why overflow call answering is so cost-effective on the whole. For one thing, you will never have to pay employee wages or benefits. When setting up your own help centre or team, you would obviously have to pay for labour, time, and equipment. It’s expenses that small businesses, in particular, might not have the capital or resources for. What’s more, it is completely unnecessary when you have the option of call answering.

What’s more, it’s doubly cost-effective when you consider that you will capture all the leads and contracts you would normally miss if you weren’t able to take calls. It’s a service which actively pays for itself. You could find yourself making double the revenue without having to lift a finger. This means that, while you can continue running your business and helping existing clients, you can ensure that new leads are satisfied so that you can come back to them for a personal chat when you’re free.

It Keeps Customers Happy

An overflow call answering service is likely to be a fantastic resource for customers who need help sooner rather than later. It can be very frustrating to have to wait in a queue for hours at a time, and what’s more, simply letting calls go to voicemail is hardly going to be the most professional approach. You can inspire greater confidence from your clientele by answering their calls head-on, or at least having some form of system in place where they can get a call back.

A call answering team will be professional and caring. They will be happy to reassure your clients that you will come back to them as soon as possible. Think about how you might feel if you called up a business only to be fobbed off with a lack of contact. By setting up an overflow call answering service, you can make sure everyone gets their turn.

Typically, an overflow call system will come into play when you are already at capacity for queries coming into your firm. This means that, instead of telling new callers that their calls are important to you, a human being can actually let them know that you will get back in touch and will take messages for you.

This allows new clients to be heard and will also help to keep customers happy and confident that your service is the best choice for them. That, crucially, is the best thing you can do at all stages of your business growth.

Maximise Your Potential

Ultimately, an overflow call answering service will help you to reach your full potential. Rejecting or missing out on leads simply as a result of not having time to deal with them really isn’t an option. Therefore, it is well worth ensuring you catch 100% of the interest, rather than just 50% – even if some of the leads don’t pull off. The more chances you monopolise on, the more chance you will have of really driving up your revenue and growth. Simple!

This, at least from our perspective, is something that all small businesses should be striving for. If you’re not taking 100% of the calls, you can’t expect to grow and compete with your rivals in the way which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Set Up Call Answering

It’s worth setting up an overflow call answering service if you are growing your business. Whether you are a larger firm or even a sole trader, make sure 100% of your customers get the care and attention they need. Set up a call answering package with Call Center and start building on those all-important leads and queries for future growth and success!