Are You Generating Enough New Sales Leads?

When running a small business, you are going to need all the help you can get when it comes to generating leads and building new client relationships. How else are you going to grow from year to year? Your business’ survival depends on how much revenue you make, and therefore, you are going to need […]

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When running a small business, you are going to need all the help you can get when it comes to generating leads and building new client relationships. How else are you going to grow from year to year? Your business’ survival depends on how much revenue you make, and therefore, you are going to need to ensure that you are reaching out to as many different people as possible. However, generating and capitalising on leads isn’t always as simple as you might think.

Are you struggling to set up leads for your business? It might be time to start thinking about call answering for small business. Before we take a closer look at this option, however, you need to consider what your overall plan is for generating and building leads in the years to come.

Are You Presenting Your Best Face?

To be able to generate leads regularly, you’re going to need to present your business’ best face. That’s not always so easy to arrange if you’re unsure what your customers are ideally looking for. Therefore, it always pays to consider reaching out to your clients to see what’s appealing to their needs and interests. That, of course, is what marketing campaigns are there for!

However, to really set yourself up safely and securely to build leads, you should craft a professional and unflappable front for your business. You should consider setting up an appealing website, responsive social media, and even a phone number that allows customers to contact you for free. Beyond this, you should always be ready to answer any calls you receive into your business or call centre.

But what if you can’t? What if you’re busy actually running your business, or trying to grow your customer base? There are no really good excuses for missing out on calls and potential new connections.

Maximising Call Handling

The best way you can ensure you are helping current clients and customers enough, as well as to take as many calls and queries as you can, is to set up a frontline service for call handling. A simple voicemail system or promise that you will get back in touch with clients is no longer enough. Modern customers and clients will expect you to be able to receive their queries and to process them as quickly and as competently as possible.

It’s not an unreasonable demand. Think about what you might expect from the services and companies you call regularly! If a customer or client is to have any confidence in what you do, they should have reassurance and confidence in the fact that you will handle their call professionally, and with genuine interest.

If you miss calls or let them travel to voicemail, you are at risk of missing out on some serious custom. If you are in the process of growing your business, there are simply no excuses for missing out on genuine revenue and interested customers. It’s effectively throwing money and business away – is that really something anyone can afford to do? Probably not!

Why Set Up Call Answering Services?

One of the biggest problems small business owners face early on is how to balance call answering and handling while actively running their firm. Therefore, instead of letting calls and queries drift away into the ether, it makes sense to have some form of team in place to help handle and process all your calls.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to install a private contact centre team at your premises. With a call answering service from Call Center, you can set up a professional and friendly team to process and handle your calls on your behalf. Our team may be able to help with minor queries and outreaches for contact and will crucially be able to put your callers’ minds at ease. Within just a few rings, there will always be someone ready to answer your calls and to let callers know what to expect.

You can either arrange for calls top filter through to your private line, or if you are unavailable, you can set up call-backs to arrange at a later date. Crucially, this service will let your customers and clients know that you genuinely care about their calls.

It’s pretty cheesy in the modern age to say ‘your call is important to us’. In fact, if there’s one thing modern customers and callers hate, it’s automated lines and messages which tell them as such. Therefore, instead of throwing out an automated voice and message, you should be ready to have a physical person or two ready to reassure customers as they deserve.

A New Kind of Professionalism

Setting up call answering for small business shows that you are serious about growing your brand. Call answering is often something that larger companies set up through outsourcing to physical centres. However, with an off-site call centre at your command, you can offer the same professional image and standard of care without having to worry about hefty costs.

In fact, that is another clear benefit of setting up call answering with Call Center. We offer flexible, affordable packages – and you will never have to pay employee wages, set up benefits or pay for hardware overheads. If you only run a small business, setting up remote call answering is likely to be appealing. It means that you don’t have to set up a physical call centre in your office, and what it also means is that you’re saving cash, time and effort actually running a unit.

Why Not Set Up Call Answering for Small Business?

Call answering for small business is something which is continuing to pick up interest across the UK. With Call Center, you will be able to put a team of friendly professionals to task in handling and processing all your important calls.

Which calls are important? All of them – whether you are retaining customers or building new leads, it makes sense to answer each and every one.

To find out more, call us today on freephone 0800 357 678, or click here to read more about our call answering service.