Can a Call Answering Service Help Small Business?

When running a small business, you will always likely have plenty to keep your eye on. Not only do you need to provide a great service, you need to generate leads, market your firm, and reach out to existing clients. You also need to make sure that your products and services are up to scratch, […]

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When running a small business, you will always likely have plenty to keep your eye on. Not only do you need to provide a great service, you need to generate leads, market your firm, and reach out to existing clients. You also need to make sure that your products and services are up to scratch, and that you’re keeping ahead of the competition. But what happens when your business starts growing beyond your means? What if you can’t get to the phone as much as you should be able to?

The fact is, plenty of businesses find that they are poorly-prepared for growth. You could be building towards it, but never really know when it’s going to impact you! Therefore, you need to make sure you have plenty of backup and support to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the opportunities that come along.

Have you ever thought of setting up a call answering service for your small business? If not, now might be the time to start thinking about getting set up with an off-site team who can act as your frontline operation. Let’s take a look at why small business owners might benefit from call handling and answering.

Keep Your Customers Happy

The number one rule to business growth and success is – of course – happy customers. Without a happy and satisfied customer base, you’re going nowhere. You might be running a cheap or well-established service, but if you don’t have that backing, how are you going to grow from year to year? Keeping your customers happy is more than just ensuring your products and services are up to scratch.

You’re going to need to be ‘there’ for your customers. By this, we mean that you should always have a route or avenue for your customers to access support. If you have a team ready and waiting to answer calls and to conduct live chats with clients, that’s great. But what if you have a small team, or if it’s just you managing your business alone?

If you’re a sole trader or specialist, it’s likely you will have plenty to juggle on your own. Therefore, if you really want to make sure your calls get answered and that your customers receive the help they need, it’s worth considering a call answering service. Anyone likely to call you and not receive any kind of support and guidance is going to go elsewhere. Is that something you can really risk as a small business?

Spend More Time Growing Your Business

Of course, one of the key reasons for setting up a call answering service is for the simple fact that you will likely need to spend time actively chasing leads and growing your firm. You’re not always going to have the time to answer queries and concerns yourself. If your business is in a fortunate period of growth and expansion, then you will likely benefit from having a team on hand to handle all of your entry level and front line calls.

This means that – crucially – you are showing your prospective new customers that you care about what they have to say, and that you genuinely want to help them. Rather than having to defer them to a voicemail system or answering machine, it is going to be infinitely more impressive to have a professional line of staff in place to handle such concerns for you. This way, too, you can make sure you handle such concerns and queries at a later time, once you’ve had the chance to catch up, and once you’ve been able to research and address their queries.

Take Advantage of Every Lead

If you’re busy running and growing your business, then you are going to risk missing calls. Not everyone is going to leave you a voicemail. Crucially, you should be ready to answer every call just in case the next one you get is going to offer you a lucrative contract. It is never a good idea to leave anything like that to chance. Rather than risk missing out on big contracts with clients and customers, be sure to set up a team who can address concerns and show that you are interested,

You can then call back or follow up on your leads personally. This is going to be very appealing to clients and customers who call you. Ultimately, you’re going to need to ensure that your customers and clients feel appreciated. A personalised, careful and caring service is always going to be the best way of handling this. With a call answering service, you can be sure your callers know that you care. This, too, ensures you miss none of those important leads.

Show Your Professionalism

Setting up a call answering service is just one step to developing and presenting a professional image. A sole trader may have a single mobile number to call and a simple answering machine. However, to compete with your rivals, you are going to need to make sure that your customers know you mean business. It’s going to seem much more professional to have a team of people ready to answer calls than to risk one person answering or missing calls due to daily concerns.

What’s more, how many sole traders and small businesses actually have their own call centres in place? Setting up an off-site call centre or frontline team is always going to put you ahead of the pack in terms of apparent professionalism and flexibility. It’s all about first impressions. No matter what you do, the impressions you give should insist that you are capable and friendly.

Need a Call Answering Service?

If you’re running a small business, now is the time to start taking advantage of every call. Who knows – the next one you miss might be a big one. Therefore, it’s worth setting up a flexible call answering package with a professional and friendly off-site team. Why not take a look at our packages here at Call Center to learn more?