Ever Thought About Call Answering for Smaller Companies?

We all have to start somewhere – and when it comes to smaller companies, those first few years in business are crucial.  Not only are you going to need to look for important leads and build relationships, you’re going to need to make sure you offer a great service.  Looking after existing clients while appealing […]

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We all have to start somewhere – and when it comes to smaller companies, those first few years in business are crucial.  Not only are you going to need to look for important leads and build relationships, you’re going to need to make sure you offer a great service.  Looking after existing clients while appealing to new ones is a skill that you will learn over the years to come.  However, have you ever thought about setting up call answering for smaller companies – to help lighten the load?

If you have a small team and office, you might already have someone available to answer calls for you.  Or, you might be a two or three person unit, and might have several numbers that customers and clients can call if they need you.  But what if you’re unable to get to the phone for any given reason?  Do you really want to miss out on new leads?

It’s also not a good idea to let your clients think you’re unavailable.  Before you take a look at setting up call answering, let’s take a quick look through some of the facts and the benefits.

What is Call Answering?

As the name suggests, call answering is a service whereby someone answers calls for you.  It really is as simple as that!  Call answering for small companies will allow firms to ensure someone is ready to address incoming enquiries without having to physically handle them personally.  What’s more, a call answering service can be set up completely off-site.  This removes the need for you to set up any extra employees or technology.

Call answering for smaller companies is ideal if you’re looking at expanding your services.  It’s also a great way to capture interest even when you’re at your busiest.  Your business shouldn’t ever rest – and just because you’re working to help existing customers, doesn’t mean you should wilfully ignore new ones coming through.

Why is Call Answering Ideal for Small Companies?

A call answering service for smaller companies is ideal if you don’t have much of a physical setup.  Think about how many people you have working with you.  Do you even have the office space to set up your own switchboard?  Maybe not.  In a period of very important growth, setting up a whole communications centre on your own is going to be a massive expense, of time as well as money.

Call answering is perfect for small companies as it puts across a fantastic image.  It’s potentially ideal for those companies looking to gain an edge on established rivals.  Rather than letting all your incoming calls travel to voicemail, you can ensure that there’s someone on the other end, waiting to take a message.

This is going to be a great way for smaller companies to show their clients and customers that they care.  If you’re able to take their calls, great – an answering service will connect clients to you.  Otherwise, it’s a reliable way to take messages and to address them later.  Clients aren’t necessarily going to be happy about leaving voicemail every time they call.

Is Call Answering Cost-Effective?

Yes!  Consider how much money you could generate from extra lead revenue.  Rather than letting potential sales opportunities fall by the wayside, you are ensuring that your company is monopolising on each and every chance.  It’s a great way to not only keep your clients and customers happy, but also to make sure that you take control of new income.

Call answering pays for itself in a very short space of time.  That’s because instead of risking losing clients, smaller companies can set clear expectations from the outset.  If there is anything that customers are going to need, it’s confidence and reassurance.  At this point in time, at first contact, all they have is your word.  It’s time you stuck to it.

Callcenter offers a range of packages and services for call answering and handling.  We aim to be amongst the most affordable and best value service providers in the UK.  Surely the money you’ll save on achieving leads and preventing customer drop-out is worth aiming for?  You’ll never know quite how helpful call answering could be until you try it.

Harnessing Growth

The aim of all smaller companies is, likely, to become bigger companies someday.  This growth is never going to happen by letting care and service stagnate for pointless reasons.  If your business fails due to missing calls and failure to call clients back, that’s on you.  Smaller companies must be ready to handle increasing call volumes and interest as their services expand.  After all, with growth comes interest, and vice-versa.

Small business owners will likely understand that setting up and outsourcing full call centres may be a few years away.  However, even at sole trader or startup level, UK businesspeople can ensure that their calls are handled and addressed in a professional fashion.  Even if you are a tradesperson working alone, you can set up a team to work independently on your behalf.  For a small monthly fee, you can set up call answering that smaller companies use to ensure all queries and sales opportunities are handled swiftly.

Ensure your clients and customers know that you’ll get back in touch with them.  A hugely frustrating issue for clients is calling a firm, only to never receive further contact when they expect it.  Therefore, be sure to deliver on your promises.

Can Callcenter Help?

Yes!  Our call answering service for smaller companies will ensure that your client and customer bases receive the service and care they deserve.  We answer calls within three rings, and make sure to deliver messages to you as soon as they arise.  You can set up a team off-site with us for temporary periods of increasing custom, or for long-term appeal.

Even the smallest of companies need to ensure they answer every call.  What if your next big project is just a phone call away?  Don’t take any chances.  Take a closer look at our call answering packages now!