Never let another call go unanswered

Despite the rise of the Internet and social media, the majority of people still actually appreciate human interaction, especially when it comes to customer service. So why not give the people what they want?

Call Center Call Answering Service

These days society has become extremely impatient. Not only do we all expect our needs to be met satisfactorily but also promptly. If a customer is calling your business and you’re unable to answer the phone, the likelihood is they’ll look to take their business elsewhere to ensure their needs are met quickly.

We understand that its not always possible to answer every phone call.  A good way of ensuring that customers don’t shop elsewhere is to outsource these calls to a call answering service.

Call Center will answer your business’s phone calls when you or your staff are too busy.  This ensures that your customers will speak to a real person, not an answer phone.

The call answering service advantage

Using a call answering service can be hugely beneficial for most businesses. If you run a small business you might find that you’re extremely busy but don’t yet have the income to hire additional staff member to handle your business phone calls. In this instance a using a call answering service is the perfect solution. You’ll pay a fraction of the price of employing staff and you’ll have professional operators answering your calls.

Seasonal businesses will also find a call answering service financially rewarding.  The Call Center Answering Service is set up on a 30-day rolling contract, so if you’re expecting a busy Summer/Winter period, you can use our service to cover all your overflow calls during peak business season. This is much more efficient than employing extra staff to cover the phone on busy periods and ensures that the increased demand is met.

Its safe to assume that for most companies the majority of new enquires come in via the telephone; this is why it’s crucial that  every call is answered promptly and politely.

Using a call answering service will give you a new found freedom that allows you to leave the office without worrying about missing any potential business.  Our friendly operators ensure you never miss an important call, allowing you to focus on other work related tasks or to take a break and have some much needed family time.

The benefits of using Call Center:

  • Your incoming calls are answered within three rings: quickly, politely and by a real person
  • Your customers are none the wiser: Your customers will believe that they’re talking to an actual member of your team. We answer with your company name and we’ll say exactly what you’ve asked us to say.
  • Flexible contracts: Some customers may choose to use this service a month at a time, either due to busy sales periods, holiday season or staff shortage. Others prefer a rolling contract to ensure that they never miss out on important sales calls. The minimum contract term is just 30 days.
  • No charge for wrong numbers: If you’re called by mistake or are receiving nuisance calls/spam, we won’t charge you for answering these calls.

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